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The beautiful story of amethyst
The Greek god of Bacchus, Dionysus, is famous for his love of wine, but after a few drinks, he will become struggling to win. One day, Dionysus, who was drunk with a glass of wine in his hand, appeared in the forest. A mortal passed by him and did not worship him, and he was humiliated. This incident deeply angered him, so he determined to vent his grievances on the second mortal he saw. So he saw Amisist, a young and beautiful girl, walking along the way to worship Goddess Diana. Dionysus decided that Amisist was his revenge. He snapped his fingers, and two tigers came out to swallow the flowery girl in one bite. Just as Dionysus was proud of his magic, Amisist cried out for help to the goddess Diana. Just at the very moment, the goddess Diana turned Amisist into a golden statue of pure white crystal, and Amisist was out of danger because of this. After waking up, Dionysus regretted his actions deeply, and shed tears of repentance because of his heinous behavior. Tears dripped into the glass, and Dionysus sprinkled the statue of Amisist with his tears. The pure white crystal absorbed the wine of tears and turned into a purple gemstone. This is the amethyst we see today. For more natural amethyst necklaces, please visit https://healingcrystal.net



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