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Green Strawberry Quartz Bracelet 


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Green Strawberry Quartz Bracelet          price: 5$/pc

Among the natural crystals, there is a kind of Strawberry Quartz, which is the common name of Strawberry Quartz, because the appearance is more like the color of strawberry, and the scattered natural sediments inside are like the fruit seeds on the strawberry. The Strawberry Quartz is also Hence the name. Strawberry crystal is named because the outer strawberry crystal looks more like a strawberry color, while the scattered natural deposits inside are like the fruit seeds on the strawberry. Strawberry Quartz is a very special seed crystal. Its interior is composed of many hair structures similar to the three-wheel backbone, which is completely different from the structure of red hair crystal. The top-quality Strawberry Quartz is very rare, and the gleaming light it emits under the refraction of the sun is very strong and dazzling, beautiful and amazing.


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