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The story of natural citrine
Citrine (Golden Fleece) can be said to be the most valuable treasure in Greek mythology. At night, the golden fleece hanging on Zhang is dazzling and very beautiful. Almost everyone wants it, but it is almost impossible to get it. It was placed on an oak tree in the sacred forest, guarded by a huge sleepless dragon. The strength of the dragon was given by the god of war Ares. Whenever someone came to the sacred forest, the dragon issued a terrible and With a sharp roar, the world can’t get closer.
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    Natural citrine hand row but only the Greek hero Jason can get it, because he has the citrine given by the god Queen Hera, the light of wealth is very domineering, so that the eyes of the evil dragon are not known. Therefore, the evil dragon is very strange. There is no gold in the world. Wool is something better. Why does the boy in front of him have it? Just when the dragon was strange, Jason was very calm and took the golden fleece from the oak tree in a hurry. He carried the golden fleece on his shoulders, the treasure dangling from his neck to the heel, shining with golden light, illuminating the night path brightly, and quickly fled the Ares forest. Worrying that the wicked or deity would take this treasure away, he quickly put down the golden fleece and rolled it up. This is the truth that wealth should not be exposed.
Also known as “The Stone of Wealth”, Origin: Brazil. Citrine mainly focuses on wealth. Wearing citrine can enhance the yellow light in the aura. Yellow light can affect material life and wealth, create windfalls and gather wealth. The yellow light corresponds to the sun wheel, which helps the digestive system of the gastrointestinal system to a certain extent. ; Wearing citrine can enhance self-confidence and strengthen self-stance.



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