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The source of allusions of rhodolite
The Pilasters were the first inhabitants of ancient Greece. Their king Enakos had a flower-like daughter named Yio. Once, Yio was shepherding his father on the Lena Meadows, and Zeus, the master of the Holy Mountain of Olympus, saw her at a glance, and suddenly became in love. Mother of the gods Hera is the wife of Zeus. Hera has long been familiar with her husband’s unfaithfulness and abusive love to mortal or demigod daughters, so she turns Io into a small cow and is guarded by Argos with a hundred eyes. Zeus sent Hermes to rescue, and Hermes used his flute and stories to sleep Argos and save Io. [More natural rhodolite jewelry log on Natural Crystal Jewelry Website: https://healingcrystal.net]
Io fled to Egypt. In order to save her, Zeus immediately came to Hera, stole her rhodolite, restored Yio’s original shape, and eliminated her melancholy. On the bank of the Nile River, Io gave birth to a son, Epaphos, for Zeus, who later became King of Egypt. The local people loved this miraculously saved woman very much and respected her as the goddess of Isis. Yio ruled Egypt as a female monarch for a long time



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