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clear quartz snails carving


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clear quartz snails carving       Price:10$/pc

1.clear quartz is helpful for wealth. Placing the white crystal in the position of wealth can make the fortune prosper and help promote the fortune.

2. Placing the clear quartz on the right rear of the office is conducive to establishing the prestige of the company’s management personnel, so that subordinates dare not delay or perfunctory work.

3. For the problem of indoor and outdoor blasting, the clear quartz can be placed in the opposite place, which can effectively resolve the rushing.

There are many other effects of clear quartz, including town house, warding off evil spirits, purifying the whole body and so on. As one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism, white crystal is also a Buddhist article that many believers like. In Buddhism, the effect of clear quartz is recorded as wearing clear quartz.


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