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Member commission system

Member commission system

How to become a member to earn commission?
Registered members will immediately get 10$ newcomer coupon rewards, members can promote merchandise link to earn commissions

Do members have levels?
Our membership is divided into 3 levels, namely 1, level 2, and level 3, of which level 3 is the highest level.
How to upgrade the membership level and the corresponding commission rate?
By successfully referring customers to register, you can upgrade your membership level and get a higher commission rate
Level Number of Referrals Commission rate:

LevelNumber of ReferralsCommission rate

How is the commission calculated?
Customers registered through your promotion link, their total purchase amount (excluding shipping costs) * commission rate = your commission

What is a lifetime commission?
Allows you to earn commissions from all future purchases of promoted customers

How much commission can I withdraw?
Commissions over 100 USD can be withdrawn to the paypal mailbox provided by registered members

Can the commission obtained be used directly in the store?
Contact the administrator Cathy, you can convert the commission 1:1 into a coupon, and you can enter the coupon code at the checkout to purchase the product

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