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Extra magical natural water gall crystal
Shen Kuo, a scientist in the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote “Mengxi Bi Tan” in his life. “The scholar Song Shu’s family has a pearl, which is as big as a chicken egg, slightly cyanotic, and as clear as water. The bottom point is condensed green, and its color gradually fades. If it turns, the green place is always underneath. I don’t know what it is, it is called dripping.” According to expert research, “Dicuizhu” is water gall crystal. Cyan is a dark blue with reddish color, slightly cyanotic, and light purple. Based on this judgment, the drop cuizhu may be amethyst of water bile. A book written by the Song people, “Yunyan Guoyanlu”, contains a detailed description of the treasures he has seen in his life. There is a description: “Yesen’s house used to have a crystal hook, hollow, and gurgling, with a leaf inside, and water. Pouring.” This thing is also a water gall crystal. The water bile crystal is named after the crystal contains water droplets that resemble the gallbladder of an animal. The clear crystal and the clear water drop into the same color. Observing still, it is really difficult to tell who is the crystal and who is the water. Smart peddlers often show the water bladder to customers dynamically. A collector of strange stones bought bipolar bladder crystals at the booth. He described in his pen: The owner saw that I watched and took out two bladder heart pendants from the “multi-treasure box”. He caught the first one. The palm of the hand was shaken vigorously and handed it to me. There was a drop of water in it. It was as big as a mustard seed and was swaying in the crystal. The second one was handed to me without shaking. There were water droplets in the chicken heart. Soybeans are generally big, and when the gesture is slightly tilted, the water will flow. For more crystals, please visit https://healingcrystal.net
Natural agate water bladder ornaments Water bladder crystal is a godsend, colorful and cherished. Experts from the Jiangsu Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources purchased a magical “rainbow stone” from the Donghai County Crystal Market. This crystal stone is light brown, transparent, and has an 18-sided appearance. It has the size of an egg. The crystal contains gaseous, liquid and solid inclusions. When the crystal is rotated, the small round bubbles on the two bladders inside the crystal will oscillate with the water. . If it is said that the water bladder found in the rainbow is amazing, then the colorful water bladder contained in the crystal clear crystal is even rarer. There is a crystal collector in Donghai County who collected a strange crystal named “Red Water Gallbladder Playing Pearl”. The Langtou crystal is wrapped in red, green and yellow water urchins, which contain solid, liquid and gas. Viewers are amazed by the body. Another collector found a piece of crystal the size of a ping-pong ball, containing 6 water bladders, and was named “Six Bold and Dashun Ball”, which was later bought at a high price. Have you ever heard of luminous water urchins? Yes, more than 80 years ago, a villager in Danba, Sichuan, obtained a water urinary crystal. Some green objects floated in the water. Fluorescence was found at night. It was called the “Night Pearl”. It’s a pity that the master didn’t know the treasure, so he smashed it out of curiosity, and the water leaked out, and the green thing didn’t shine anymore. Crystal bladder is more expensive. In the exhibits of the China Geological Museum, there is a fist-sized piece of water bladder crystal with a water drop of about 3 cm in diameter. An expert from the Hebei Geological Bureau revealed that he discovered a crystal with a diameter of 5 cm in a water bladder in 1981. But it will be king. There is a gem collector in Hunan who collected a water bladder crystal, 5.7 cm wide, 6.2 cm high, and 3 cm thick. The diameter of the bladder is about 4 cm. There are three cavities separated by each other, and the water can still flow gurglingly. The crystal is pure and translucent, with a semi-conical shape on six sides, intact, and 1 cm larger than the diameter of the crystal bladder in the national collection. From this point of view, it is currently the largest water gall crystal in our country. Interestingly, the Brazilians found that the water droplets wrapped in crystals are very similar to lava water. The indigenous people regarded it as “virgin water”. According to legend, people who drink it can prolong their lives. Oddly, how could a water bladder emerge from the crystal? Geological experts inferred from its shape: the water bladder crystal is different from the common hexagonal prism crystal, but in the shape of a hexagonal double cone with very short cylinders. The cone at the end is longer and is a high-temperature crystal (β-quartz) whose formation temperature is above 579°C. It is veined in the cracks of sandstone and graphite granite. Therefore, the crystal has only two cone-shaped tops. The size of the crystals is generally only 1 to 5 cm. The silicon dioxide formed is insufficiently supplied, malnourished, and there are voids in the crystals, which contain water, gas or other particles. The size of the bubbles that can be seen in the package varies from a few millimeters to 3 cm, and the liquid accounts for about half of the total volume of the bubbles. “One bottle is dissatisfied, half bottle is swayed”, shaking gently, the water drops separate and combine, which is very interesting, and there are often graphite particles floating on the water, jumping up and down when shaking, like flying mosquitoes, becoming obvious markers. Water gall crystal world treasure, when you have it, you can cherish it!



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